Community Ride and Event Calendar

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Calendar Synchronization

To synchronize this calendar to your preferred device, add it to your Google Calendar and then follow the appropriate instructions below:

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Ride and Event Selection Criteria

The calendar is maintained by volunteers with the following ride/event criteria in mind:

  • Free, non-profit, or charitable benefit

  • Local within The Woodlands or close vicinity (Spring, Conroe, Tomball)

  • Major regional events

If your event meets the above criteria, please send us an email for instructions on how to add an event to the calendar.

Bike Resource Guide

Get involved or support bicycle-related organizations around The Woodlands. The guide includes a description of activities and contact information for each organization. 


If your ride doesn't meet the selection criteria, you can become a ride calendar sponsor. Sponsors are allowed to post rides outside the selection criteria. If you are interested, send us an email.