Bicycle Friendly Community

The Woodlands is a

Bicycle Friendly Community

In August 2013, the Bicycle Advisory Task Force submitted eight core recommendations, thirteen of the highest priority recommendations, and 47 detailed priority recommendations.

    Download the full report:  Coalition Priority Report


Eight Core Recommendations for Achieving
Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community Designation


  1. Continued protection, expansion, and improvement of the pathway network and major roadway bicycle infrastructure (bike lanes, shared roadways, and designated shoulders)

  2. Form Permanent Bicycle Advisory Committee 

  3. Develop Comprehensive Bicycle Plan - Adopted in 2016

  4. Encourage additional community events that incorporate bicycles (in progress including Bike to Work Day/Bike The Woodlands Day)

  5. Provide additional Township staff time on bicycle related tasks 

  6. Encourage and develop bicycle education training opportunities for school children and others

  7. Conduct public awareness campaign for motorists and bicyclists

  8. Expand activities during bike month (May)

The Woodlands was the first suburban community in Texas to receive Bicycle Friendly Community From the Leagues of American Bicyclists. Two other suburban communities, Plano and Richardson, were more recently designated Bicycle Friendly Communities. The City of Brownsville also received this designation. 

      Texas can now boast a total of eight communities so designated. Larger metro areas include Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Coalition members were instrumental in fostering The Woodlands initial application. 

       The Woodlands received word in November 2018 that it had been approved for continuing designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community at the Bronze level.