Transit & Mobility Studies

South Montgomery County Mobility Study: The Mobility Study was launched in September 2013 to create a far-reaching transportation plan. It was primarily designed to identify roadway infrastructure needs. There was assurance that bicycling and walking infrastructure would be incorporated as key elements of the study. A bicycle master plan was also originally in the project’s scope of work, but was dropped. A new bicycle and master plan for The Woodlands has been proposed and was under discussion in late 2014 for initiation in early 2015. The Woodlands Township, Montgomery County, Shenandoah, Oak Ridge North, the Road Utility District #1, and others participated in the study and provided a share of the cost. 


Bike The Woodlands Coalition members were asked to provide an advisory role in the study process, but participation was allowed only as a part of the public involvement activity. The Coalition provided written input during 2014 and attended town hall meetings on the study. 


The Coalition’s goal has been to ensure that those interested in the future of Woodlands area bicycling are actively participating and offering their ideas. The mobility plan was to be completed in early Fall 2014, but by February 2015, the study was scheduled for completion in March 2015. Many of the roadway projects have moved forward for consideration in potential bond elections. Draft materials for the study from the September 2014 town hall meeting include:


– Core Corridors

– Secondary Connections

– Separated Share Use Path (Grand Pkwy)

– Spring Creek Greenway

– Future Easment Corridor (pipelines)

++ Railroad

– Creek/Rivers (Spring Creek)

Study Area

The Woodlands Township Transit Study: In late 2013, The Woodlands Township launched a year-long study of public transit with a specific focus in and around Town Center. The plan was to be completed in early Fall of 2014. As of early 2015, the plan is nearing completion. The study process has included consideration of cycling and walking, Park and Ride services, the current trolley system, and transportation needs of the Villages. The study area extends beyond the Township’s boundaries to match the new Urbanized Area (UZA) designation of the Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Transportation requirements. 


The Coalition has been actively engaged in the study process in its role through members’ designation as The Woodlands Township Bicycle Advisory Task Force to the Ad Hoc Transportation Committee. The study process has provided ongoing opportunities to meet with the consulting team and participating officials. Initial options were developed in April 2014. Draft reports received in November 2014 include the following: 


Display Boards - 12 pages

Presentations - 34 pages

Booklet - 4 pages

For information on these two studies, contact: 

•   Commissioner James Noack, Precinct 3,

•   Chris LaRue, Transit Program Manager, The Woodlandstownship,

•   Carlene Mullins,

•   Thomas Gray,