Roadway Shoulders as Bike Lanes

New Map (March 2017)  The Coalition has assembled data on roadway shoulders for selected roads in and around The Woodlands. The roadways surveyed were categorized by width and whether active cyclists could use them (usually OK) or not (no shoulders or otherwise not suitable for cycling). The Coalition also surveyed shoulders hazards on some of the major roads. 

     Roadway shoulders are a multi-purpose part of our roads which provide great places for people who ride bikes - great for transportation, great for longer, faster distance rides, great for the safety of pathway users. Shoulders also make roads safer for motorists, provide for emergencies and emergency vehicles, and protect the roadway structure - and yet they have been the first part of the road to be eliminated. 

     Of the 31 miles of roadways surveyed, two-thirds have shoulders three feet wide or wider and one-third have shoulder widths of six to ten feet. Note that some of these shoulders may have been eliminated or minimized with recent construction.


The Coalition has also looked at hazards on roadway shoulders. In many places, these pose a danger for cyclists and runners alike. Particularly troublesome conditions are curbs that jut out into the shoulder, which over the years have caused severe crashes. 

     The Coalition shoulder hazards information is summarized in this report. Download the Summary Report.

Curbs jutting out into the shoulder are one of the more common hazards facing people who bikes on roadway shoulders. 

Collapsed shoulder edge

Poor repairs & manhole cover level

Large seam gap



Detailed Shoulder Hazard Reports