Creating a better community through bicycling

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    We are a grassroots coalition of people dedicated to the achievement of a community where bicycling is convenient and safe. . . . .

    Coalition's New Strategic Plan


    Join Us in Making This Happen:  We envision a community – The Woodlands Township, Montgomery County, and adjacent counties – where bicycling will be convenient and safe, with a well planned bicycling infrastructure connecting neighborhoods, business areas, parks, communities, and surrounding counties.   Read More

    2018 Bike Month
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    Coalition members have participated in planning studies and collected information on conditions that support a more bicycle friendly community. These include the South County Mobility Study, bike lane concepts, and . . . 


    Coalition members are engaged in many bicycle related activities in and around The Woodlands. These include outreach at community events, involvement with the The Woodlands Township Board . . . .

    The Texas Department of Transportation outlined plans at a Woodlands Cycling Club meeting for several projects that would improved cycling safety in Montgomery County.
      These plans include two 20 mile bike loops east and north of The Woodlands.
    Click here to see maps of the
    North and South Loops.
    Click here to see a TxDOT presentation of planned roadway projects in the County, including Loops.  
    North Montgomery County
    Cycling Routes & Shoulder Widths
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    Coalition members are involved in many bicycle and community events including Bike to Work day in May, Earth Day GreenUp, Bike to School Day, advisory to The Woodlands Township, and . . . .

    Roadway shoulders provide great cycling surfaces for long and short rides. There are over 130 miles of road shoulders, but there are many hazardous conditions in some locations: wide gaps between pavement and shoulders, potholes, collapsed edges, and poor repairs. 

    Coalition members have surveyed many of these shoulder hazards on some of the more frequently traveled roads. This provides a priority list of needs for repairs.  READ MORE . .

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    Montgomery Bike Loop Plans

    Hazardous Conditions on Shoulders