About the Coalition

We are a grassroots coalition of people dedicated to the achievement of a community where bicycling is convenient and safe, connecting neighborhoods, business areas, parks, communities, and surrounding counties, and accommodating all facets of bicycling - fitness, recreation, and transportation - and riders of all ages and abilities.

     We are a group of residents who believe that The Woodlands area needs better and safer bicyling. We are involved with community leaders who can help make this happen.

     The Coalition began as a conversation in 2009 among three cyclists, one of whom asked "why isn't The Woodlands a Bicycle Friendly Community?" We asked what that was, and began working the process of finding out. 

     Today the group has a name: Bike The Woodlands Coalition, similar to the names of groups in other communities: Bike Houston, Bike Austin, Bike San Antonio, Bike Ft. Worth . . .

     And after many meetings and discussions, we now have a Strategic Plan, Concerns, Priorities, and get called by the media when there is a cycling issue in the works.